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Using Bingo in Your Fundraiser? Here are a Few Reminders for You

Bingo is a fun game which can really rake in funding for charity causes and is also an effective way in getting guests to enjoy their time while helping out a good cause. When it comes to fundraisers, bingo is often a major part of them. The trouble is that in Carolina—especially in the North—there are certain laws and rules that must be followed.

This is what we shall be focusing on with today’s article. Here are a few reminders of what you’ll need if you want to make bingo a part of your fundraiser:

Bingo License

If you are making Bingo an actual part of your fundraiser as an event or an activity where there is an actual prize, you will need a license for it. Yep, you heard that right. You’ll need to get a full license from the Department of Public Safety.

You may think that this is something that is relatively new law but it has actually been around since 1945. This is due to the fact that bingo is often a “lightweight” form of gambling and must be regularized so no organization would take advantage of it.

No Prizes over $500

A particular part of bingo would have to be winning prizes. When it comes to fundraisers and prize money, North Carolina is quite strict with what’s allowable. They stipulate that no prizes should be over $500.

After all, fundraisers are all about getting donations from happy donors rather than giving out large prizes. It is important that you make sure that your collective prize is under the specified amount and to find out how often you can make Bingo a part of your fundraiser.

We hope that these few reminders will help you keep your bingo game cheerful and within the confines of what is allowed by the law!