About Us

carolinaghostbusters big 241x300 - About UsWhile comprised of two states (North and South), Carolina is a beautiful state. The North is often considered to be one of the more populated states in the USA. The South has its own charms that are definitely worth visiting. Both states have their own histories and causes that have spawned numerous good societal causes and non-profit organizations.

Most of these causes often need to throw or host fundraisers for their particular causes and events. The trouble is that a lot of young non-profit organizations and even private citizens tend to stumble about when it comes to throwing their fundraisers. This is where we come in.

What started as a small events business by Ronnie Wall bloomed into something bigger. He discovered that he had a huge knack for throwing awesome parties then he learned he had a better knack for helping plan, organize, and launch fundraisers. He decided to turn Carolina Ghostbusters into the kickass event consultancy that it is today.

Beyond being an event consultancy, he also has his reliable staff whip up articles that are designed to be truly helpful for those who are looking for more information about fundraisers and both Carolinas. We hope that you continue to give us your support!