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Staying on Course: 3 Fundraising Mistakes You Should Avoid

Just because you have good intentions and would like to be part of a fundraiser, this does not mean that everything will go perfectly. There are mistakes that can be made—mistakes that you should avoid if you are able to.

Not Doing Research

Fundraising requires quite a bit of research before you get started. You need to clarify:

  • What you’re supporting
  • Where you want to have the fundraiser
  • When you want to have the fundraiser
  • What sort of theme are you having
  • How long will the fundraiser go on
  • Who will sponsor it
  • Who will head it

…and the list goes on! There are so many different things that you will need to research in order to provide a better chance for your cause to have the fundraiser that it needs.

Being All About the Money

A fundraiser isn’t just to put money together—despite it being the overall purpose. A fundraiser is a great opportunity to get to know the local businesses and the community in the area. If you are a charity or non-profit organization that aims to call that area your home, you will need to avoid making your fundraisers all about the money.

You can provide a progress report at the end of the charity but while everyone is there, you need to make sure that everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Not Clarifying the End Goal

Just because you are hosting a fundraiser does not mean you should expect everyone to know what the end goal is. Before you fundraiser gets off the ground, you need to clarify the end goal. Are you putting this together to get funds for someone’s procedure? Are you doing this for the local church? If you clarify it the better the crowd that you’ll draw in as they know what their money, time, and effort will be going toward.

Of course, the best way to avoid mistakes is to know about them! We hope that these thee items that we’ve discussed can help you better avoid mistakes for your future fundraisers!

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Capitalism with a Heart: Which Big Brands in Carolina Partner Up with Fundraisers?

When you would like have something a little bit bigger in terms of your fundraiser, it is often wise to partner up with a big brand that’s available in the area. Today, we focus on some big name companies in Carolina.

We did the research and we have found these big name companies that are present in both Carolinas and they regularly act as sponsors for charitable causes and non-profit organizations. Here they are:


Chick fil A 300x136 - Capitalism with a Heart: Which Big Brands in Carolina Partner Up with Fundraisers?

Most Americans will know this to be one of the best commercial restaurants to call the USA home. They are the home of crispy chicken skin and other affordable meals. Did you know that they regularly partner up with local charities wherever a branch is to be found?

Yup, they regularly give back to the community that supports them by helping various causes utilize their branch as a location for the fundraiser. Sometimes, they even provide the food!


Applebee 300x156 - Capitalism with a Heart: Which Big Brands in Carolina Partner Up with Fundraisers?

One of Applebee’s known philosophies is to have a neighborhood responsibility for wherever they are found. They take on a lot of different causes from veterans, helping schools, and providing a venue for any organization that aims to raise funds for pertinent causes for the immediate surroundings of the Applebee’s branch.


I Hop - Capitalism with a Heart: Which Big Brands in Carolina Partner Up with Fundraisers?

I-Hop is more than just a place to have good breakfast. Regardless of the bad publicity that they’ve had because of their “rebranding”, I-Hop remains to be one of the best institutions that can sponsor a local event or fundraiser. They generally prioritize causes that have to do with young children and hospitals. If your cause is under those categories, they will be an ideal company to partner with.

Of course, there are numerous other organizations which provide grants to organizations that meet their qualifications. Have you tried contacting these big name institutions for your next fundraiser?


Thinking Small: Simple Fundraising Things Anyone Can Do

If you want to help out a particular person, organization, or cause, throwing or putting together a simple fundraising is always a smart choice. There are tons of simple activities that you can do to help pull funds together.

Yes, we know that the likes of GoFundMe are now around to help facilitate fund collection. The trouble is, there have been how many people who have used it for nefarious reasons. If you want something that’s a bit more corporeal, here are a few activities that you can do:

Selling Ballers

Baller IDs are one of the more common ways that you can pull together funds. They are often simple to order and easy to get a hold of. They are generally made of rubber and can be customized to reflect the name of the recipient of the funds or the hashtag or battle cry of the movement.

Baller Bands are great because they are pretty strong and can last for years.

Bake Sales

cake sale - Thinking Small: Simple Fundraising Things Anyone Can Do

One of the easiest ways that you can pull together funds for a cause or a person would be to hold a bake sale. You can whip up a batch of cookies, brownies, or even cupcakes and sell them. You can even ask other people to join you so that you can pull in bigger numbers.

These are often a favorite of those who want to throw fundraisers because they are relatively easy to put together and you can even do sales online!


carwash - Thinking Small: Simple Fundraising Things Anyone Can Do

A charity car wash is one of the more classic methods that simple fundraisers are made of. All you need is a good bunch of friends, a sign, a parking lot, and you’re set! This is a constant favorite of everyday citizens who want to come together to help out a cause—especially a local one like for a school.

We hope that these few ideas can help out your next fundraiser! Let us know what other simple activities can be done for small-scale fundraisers!


Of Causes and Fun: Why Are Gambling Themed Fundraisers So Popular?

If you want your fundraiser to really standout in the minds of the guests, you will need to make sure that they have fun. One sure theme for fundraisers that inspired fun would have to be a gambling themed one.

Today, we explore why gambling themed fundraisers are so popular or even preferred in the state of Carolina. Let’s begin!

Incentivizes Joining

People like to chase rewards and they certain like to win. Some people—more than most—really enjoy the thrill that comes with games. So if you throw a casino night or a game themed fundraiser, you’ll be tapping into the preexisting love that those that live in Carolina have for a good game.

This, of course, does not mean that those that live in Carolina chase after gambling or anything like that. They actually have some of the strictest laws when it comes to what’s allowed.

It’s Fun & Legal

Gambling themed fundraisers lets the attendees enjoy a night (or day) of worry-free playing and simultaneously helping out a local cause or organization. People like being altruistic, especially if they personally get something out it beyond the feeling of helping out.

Fundraisers are supposed to be fun; that’s the whole point. This ensures that there will be future interest in your other fundraisers. It’s also legal in most states, according to as long as the majority of revenue from the fundraiser is going towards charity.

It’s Easy to Find Sponsors

Gambling often has a negative connotation but not when it is linked to the concept of charity and helping out a good cause. There are a lot of areas in your little gambling themed fundraiser where local businesses would be able to promote themselves and simultaneously help out a charity.

It is a known fact that gambling themed fundraisers have very little trouble in finding sponsors.

We hope that you take these into consideration when you’re planning your next fundraiser—especially if you’re throwing it in Carolina!


Lucking Out in Locations: What Should You Look For in a Venue for Your Fundraiser?

When you are planning to throw of host a fundraiser in the nearby future, one of the firs things that you must always take into consideration is your venue. Today, we take a look at specific things about that potential venue that you must look for.

Let’s begin!


When you are not a very large non-profit organization or charity—especially if you are a private citizen that really just wants to help a particular cause, it is important to check out the visibility of your venue. How easy is it to spot? Would it be possible that the venue and the event itself will be seen by those that did not know about the event to begin with?

You must never forget that walk-ins to fundraisers may end up giving the biggest amounts of donations.


When you are planning on checking out a potential venue for your fundraiser, you must always consider how accessible it is. We’re not just talking about making it accessible for those with disabilities. We’re talking about those that do not have the luxury of having their own cars.

How hard is it to get to the venue? This may help to determine how warm or cold the reception of the people will be when it comes to your actual fundraiser.


While people love to support good causes, they will always consider their own comfort above everything else. Before they decide something is worth going to, they will consider the venue itself. Is it open air? Is it air conditioned? Is it something that’s got comfortable bathrooms?

Such questions are only some of what potential donors ask themselves before deciding to RSVP to your fundraiser.

As such, it is important that you consider these three things when you are looking for a future venue for your fundraiser.


Using Bingo in Your Fundraiser? Here are a Few Reminders for You

Bingo is a fun game which can really rake in funding for charity causes and is also an effective way in getting guests to enjoy their time while helping out a good cause. When it comes to fundraisers, bingo is often a major part of them. The trouble is that in Carolina—especially in the North—there are certain laws and rules that must be followed.

This is what we shall be focusing on with today’s article. Here are a few reminders of what you’ll need if you want to make bingo a part of your fundraiser:

Bingo License

If you are making Bingo an actual part of your fundraiser as an event or an activity where there is an actual prize, you will need a license for it. Yep, you heard that right. You’ll need to get a full license from the Department of Public Safety.

You may think that this is something that is relatively new law but it has actually been around since 1945. This is due to the fact that bingo is often a “lightweight” form of gambling and must be regularized so no organization would take advantage of it.

No Prizes over $500

A particular part of bingo would have to be winning prizes. When it comes to fundraisers and prize money, North Carolina is quite strict with what’s allowable. They stipulate that no prizes should be over $500.

After all, fundraisers are all about getting donations from happy donors rather than giving out large prizes. It is important that you make sure that your collective prize is under the specified amount and to find out how often you can make Bingo a part of your fundraiser.

We hope that these few reminders will help you keep your bingo game cheerful and within the confines of what is allowed by the law!