The Official Printer of the Carolina Ghostbusters

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The Official Repair Service
of the Carolina Ghostbusters

Serving Gastonia since 1966, Miller’s Automotive handles all your car repair needs with ASE Certified Technicians and fair, prompt, courteous service.  Miller’s is your one-stop shop for automotive repair and maintenance.

  1. Hey from the blood drops at the parade (yes, they called us that, the chicks from the blood mobile behind you)
    Sent your picture to The Chive, hope you get some free ad time.

  2. What would be involved to get this group to walk in the Dominion Christmas Parade in Richmond, VA on Dec 6, 2014?

  3. Im putting on a benefit car show in Lincolnton on Oct11th, I would love for you guys to be involved if possible.

  4. John Serabian

    Dear Carolina Ghostbusters –

    My daughter’s HS Senior Prom is coming up on Monday June 29, and I hope that you can help me. Jimmy and I have traded correspondance earlier this afternoon.

    The Senior Prom in our Community (Port Jefferson, Long Island) is a big event. The Senior Parents transform the school in accordance with a selected theme, and build “sets” across the front of the school, the entrance lobby, and the interior of the gymnasium. The entire community turns out when construction is complete to view the parents’ handiwork. The night of the prom, each senior couple makes a grand entrance as they are announced to great fanfare as they arrive is limosines, custom cars, and all types of conveyaces. Everyone looks forward to seeing how the students make their grand entrances.

    It’s very difficult to describe without a frame of refernece. Picture a Hollywood Premiere and you’re just about there.

    Our family has taken the Grand Entrance one step further.

    When my oldest son arrived at his senior proim, he did so in the 1966 Batmobile, complete with a Bat-Signal shining on the school and the Batman Theme playing over the sound system.

    My middle son arrived at his prom in the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine, complete with theme music and Doc Brown.

    I think you see where I’m going with this,

    The next logical movie car step of course, is the Ectomobile.

    I see that you have two bookings on Saturday 6/27. Perhaps we can arrage for you to bring your Ectomobile to Long Island for my daughter to make her Grand Entrance at the Prom on Monday evening at 8pm.

    I’m certain that we can work something out, and look forward to hearing from you.

    “We’re ready to believe you!”

    John Serabian

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