Paranormal Investigations

Do you think you might have a ghost or entity in your home?  Do you experience consistent and reoccurring strange phenomena in or around your house?

We’re Ready to Believe You.

We are always serious about investigating any super-natural activity and either help solve the problem or point you in the right direction.

All of our cases are confidential and classified, and we only release information to people or groups you approve.

There are many people who experience paranormal and super-natural phenomena on a regular basis.  These people often don’t say anything because they don’t know how others will react.   We are open-minded and scientific investigators of the preternatural.

Our paranormal investigations begin with a consultation to gather information on what you are experiencing.  Our consultations are free.  We will ask you a series of questions to obtain some basic information about your experience including, what do you experience, when your experience usually occurs, family history, house history, and location history.

Based on the consultation, we can give you a list of options, including doing a full investigation.

Please remember that investigations take several hours at the least and several months at the most.  There is no guarantee that we will experience the same thing you experienced or anything at all.  We always hope we can experience the same phenomena you are experiencing and either find a physical explanation for the disturbance or at least provide you with some peace of mind if it is indeed some kind of paranormal phenomena.



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