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Capitalism with a Heart: Which Big Brands in Carolina Partner Up with Fundraisers?

When you would like have something a little bit bigger in terms of your fundraiser, it is often wise to partner up with a big brand that’s available in the area. Today, we focus on some big name companies in Carolina.

We did the research and we have found these big name companies that are present in both Carolinas and they regularly act as sponsors for charitable causes and non-profit organizations. Here they are:



Most Americans will know this to be one of the best commercial restaurants to call the USA home. They are the home of crispy chicken skin and other affordable meals. Did you know that they regularly partner up with local charities wherever a branch is to be found?

Yup, they regularly give back to the community that supports them by helping various causes utilize their branch as a location for the fundraiser. Sometimes, they even provide the food!



One of Applebee’s known philosophies is to have a neighborhood responsibility for wherever they are found. They take on a lot of different causes from veterans, helping schools, and providing a venue for any organization that aims to raise funds for pertinent causes for the immediate surroundings of the Applebee’s branch.



I-Hop is more than just a place to have good breakfast. Regardless of the bad publicity that they’ve had because of their “rebranding”, I-Hop remains to be one of the best institutions that can sponsor a local event or fundraiser. They generally prioritize causes that have to do with young children and hospitals. If your cause is under those categories, they will be an ideal company to partner with.

Of course, there are numerous other organizations which provide grants to organizations that meet their qualifications. Have you tried contacting these big name institutions for your next fundraiser?