Artie Beaty

Artie Beaty – Watch Lieutenant

Like any good child of the 80s, Artie grew up loving Ghostbusters.  Artie met Doc in the newsroom one day when they were interviewing Doc for an article.  After seeing Ecto-1 outside, Artie decided had to be a part of the group and joined up with the Carolina Ghostbusters in October of 2009.  Once he started doing events and saw the reaction the car and the group receives, he was hooked.

Artie attended UNC Charlotte and holds a degree in English/Journalism.  He works as the Guide to Charlotte and writes obituaries for the local news paper in Gastonia.  Artie also is a guide for Ghost Tours in uptown Charlotte.

Writing obituaries was a pleasant surprise and needed addition to the paranormal team.  Artie’s job is like that of some other-worldly sales representative.  There are many times the group gets a call and already has a good grasp on the situation because of the research and reconnaissance of Artie.

Artie serves as the Watch Lieutenant of the Carolina Ghostbusters.  He is the only member of the crew to earn the Hero at Home Award, issued to members of the crew who are married and remain married throughout the course of their departmental duties.  Artie’s family grew in 2013 with the birth of his first child.  His favorite events include visiting the Battleship North Carolina and weddings.


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