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Chuck Carte – Acting Watch Commander/Deck Commander

Chuck Carte, gifted bird trainer and long-time friend of Doc Geressy, joined the Carolina Ghostbusters in June of 2010.  Chuck is a screen-writer, director, author, and teacher, and his often child-like wonderment makes him truly the heart of the Carolina Ghostbusters.

Chuck attended UNC Charlotte and holds a bachelor’s degree in English with two minors, one in American Studies the other in Film.  He has studied American Gothic and American Horror Literature under Dr. Daniel Shealy, renowned expert on the subjects of horror and the occult.  Chuck also studied under writers Aimee Parkinson, writer of Woman with Dark Horses, and Andrew Hartley, writer of The Mask of Atreus, and under acclaimed theater director and movie producer Lon Bumgardner.

Chuck received his teaching degree from the University of Phoenix and is now head of the English Department at an alternative school in the Stanley County School System, where he works with at-risk students and mentors youth.  Chuck has been working with the public education system for five years and, prior to becoming chair of the English department, served as head of the Theater Department for two years where he directed five shows, including two dinner theaters and a run of The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

Chuck has always been interested in the unexplained.  As a writer, he always looks for reason behind mystery; truth behind conjecture.  Ever since he was a child, Chuck has believed there is more out there than can be seen by the naked eye.  As an avid believer in the paranormal and the extraterrestrial, Chuck uses his love of science and his appreciation of the occult to guide him in investigations and his other duties as a member of the team.

Chuck is an accomplished writer.  Some of his publications include an academic article on the graphic novel V for Vendetta discussing the function of literary parallelism in the work, the stories In Justice We Trusted and Even the Water Runs Cold Here for a literary journal, and the poem Of Black Dust and Diamonds.  Additionally, Chuck has finished his first feature-length screenplay and was a regular contributor to The Plain Clothes Superheroes Blog of Justice blog, where he wrotes articles on topics in geek culture and co-hosted his own podcast.  Chuck is also a regular co-host on the Carolina Ghostbusters’ podcast The Sci-Fried Eggs.

Though Chuck is the youngest member of the group, he is highly decorated for service in the line of duty and to the profession.  Chuck also serves as the Deck Commander of the Carolina Ghostbusters.  Chuck is the winner of the 2011 PKE Surge Iron Man Award for his Slime Blower.  He has an impressive attendance record and was the first member of the crew to earn a Humanitarian Service Ribbon Bronze Palm.  Chuck’s favorite events include meeting Ghostbusters founder Dan Aykroyd and going to Dragon*Con.

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