M. Doc Geressy

M. Doc Geressy – Captain and Director of Special Forces

Doc has been a Ghostbusters fan and paranormal enthusiast from the very beginning, having watched the movie Ghostbusters well over 1000 times.  And if you ask him who is responsible for the Carolina Ghostbusters he is quick to thank his ex-wife for leaving him the week before he got laid off so that he had no one to spend the amazing severance package he received, hence providing the available capital to build Ecto.

Doc’s credentials include attending Appalachian State University and Adler School of Professional Psychology.  He has been a professor at Marshall College and Barnett College.

Doc spends most days selling promotional product and helping businesses grow as the Lead Sales Consultant for Tallent’d Marketing.  Doc also teaches broadcasting at the Charlotte campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  He also contracts as an associate producer and systems consultant with Premiere Networks, the syndication division of Clear Channel Communications, specifically with Johnboy and Billy Radio Network.  Doc also travels the country as the Executive Production Consultant for the National Investment Banking Association.

In the realm of the paranormal, Doc is a strict scientist when it comes to investigations.  He has been doing paranormal investigations over a decade and focuses on the classification of phenomena in an effort to have paranormal occurrences and research recognized as an empirical science.  Doc is also an avid fan of theoretical paranormal science and is currently working on his book, Theoretical and Practical Paranormal Science.

In the world of cosplay, Doc harbors a wealth of knowledge and experience and there’s not much he can’t design or create.  As a motorhead, Doc is an expert on movie cars and professional cars, especially Ecto-1.  He is a well-versed prop builder, specifically Ghostbuster props, and is also a costume designer and experienced seamster.  He has created costumes and props for Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Renaissance Festival, Men in Black and a variety of superheroes in addition to making prom and wedding dresses and even Civil War uniforms.

Doc also stays active on the cyber highways of the Internet.  He is the creator and author of the award-winning blog, BatDoc, which is a glimpse of the awesome things Doc runs across in his everyday life.  He was part of The Breakfast Buffet Morning Show and is the creator of and talent on The Duster ‘n’ Tex Show.  Doc is also the creator and one of the hosts of the Carolina Ghostbusters’ podcast The Sci-Fried Eggs.  He was also the snazzy supervillain special guest on the Plain Clothes Superheroes Podcast of Justice and was a guest contributor to their blog.

Doc founded the Carolina Ghostbusters in August 2009.  He serves as the Captain and Director of Special Forces of the Carolina Ghostbusters and is one of two members of the team to earn the Distinguished Service Order Award.  He is the driver of Ecto-1 and maintains a perfect attendance record with the company.  Doc’s favorite events include meeting Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, Battleship North Carolina, Food Lion Auto Fair, and Fanaticon 2.

Email Doc:  Geressy.CarolinaGhostbusters@gmail.com


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