Marc Fleming

Marc Fleming – Deputy Director of Special Forces

Marc attended the same high school as Doc, and they were just a few years apart.  But it wouldn’t be until October of 2009 that their paths would cross again and Marc would join the Carolina Ghostbusters as the second member of the crew.

For Halloween of 2009, Marc was involved in a costume “building” contest/party with some coworkers, so he decided to finally make his favorite costume of all time.  He built his own proton pack, got the flight suit, put the patches on, and became Peter Venkman.

The night of the party, Marc’s mom called him from the Belmont Halloween Festival where she had taken his niece.  All she said was, “You have to come down here and see your car!”  Having no idea what she meant, Marc suited up early, threw his pack in the back of the truck, and headed over to see what in the world she was talking about.

All suited up, Marc walked around the corner and there she was.  Not his mother, but the most beautiful car in the world, ECTO-1.  And Doc too.  Marc had no idea about Ecto before that night, and he fondly remembers Doc being mad at him for having a pack.  Nothing compared to the car, but perspective is everything.

Marc attended Cleveland Community College and has a degree in Criminal Justice from UNC Charlotte.

Marc works in Law Enforcement, so he’s very well-versed in all the laws and regulations that the Ghostbusters have to abide by as paranormal investigators.  His extensive knowledge of local and state laws comes in handy more often than anyone would realize, making him a true asset to the team.

Marc also has a background in woodworking.  His grandfather had a woodworking shop, and Marc recalls spending hours that turned into days working with his grandfather and learning everything he knew.  Marc credits his grandfather for his love of building things–as well as his career choice.  Working with the Carolina Ghostbusters, Marc has been teaching himself how not only to build with wood, but also with resin casting, silicone molds, and whatever else a project calls for.  The only thing left on Marc’s list, learning to sew!

In case you were wondering about that first night, Marc went on to the party and won the contest.  And now since 2009, he’s been “part of a great group of people and living out my childhood dream, being a Ghostbuster.”

Marc serves as the Deputy Director of Special Forces with the Carolina Ghostbusters.  He is the only member to suffer through a mentally and physically traumatic experience worthy of earning the Slimed Victim Ribbon.  You’ll have to ask Marc about the time he got slimed to see if he wants to share the story.  Marc’s favorite events include Battleship North Carolina, meeting Dan Aykroyd, parades, and anything with kids, since Marc is always amazed they know who the Ghosbusters are.


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