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Join Us This Saturday for NerdCon in Boone!

This Saturday we make our way to the campus of Appalachian State University for NerdCon!  It’s all going on in the Plemmons Student Union!  Event times and details are all on our Events Calendar!

NerdCon Logo


Janine Ecto-1 Pinup

We are big fans of Ghostbusters fan artwork, especially when it involves our favorite lady…and our favorite secretary, Janine, too!


Zombie Bar Crawl in Uptown Charlotte

Join us tonight outside of the Roxbury for the Zombie Bar Crawl!  The Carolina Ghostbusters will be keeping the peace and Ecto-1 will be on site for photos .  The Zombie Bar Crawl starts at 6pm.  Arrive early for Zombie makeup!


Lexing-Con Today in Lexington, NC!

LexingCon PosterDon’t miss all the fun in Lexington at Lexing-Con today!  Come out and see Ecto-1 and all the other awesome guests and vendors!  All the information is on our Events Calendar!

Be one of the first 100 people at the convention and get a Lexing-Con poster shown here!

Also don’t miss the Sci-Fried Eggs, a podcast of sci-fi, the paranormal, comics, movies, and everything awesome, broadcasting live from Lexing-Con!  Stop by the broadcast and watch, or submit a question via our Facebook or Twitter and you may hear it on the air!

Click the Sci-Fried Eggs tab at the top of the page to submit your questions and listen to previous shows!

Don’t Miss Laugh Tracks in Salisbury this Weekend!

This weekend, the Carolina Ghostbusters head up to Salisbury, NC, for Laugh Tracks Sketch Comedy show!  The Carolina Ghostbusters own Captain Doc Geressy is hosting the show and Deck Commander Chuck Carte is co-starring in the show.  The cast is amazing and the sketches are hilarious.  Don’t miss all the fun!  Shows start at 8pm tonight and Saturday night at the Spoken Space Theatre.  All the details along with ticket information is on our Events Calendar!

Laugh Tracks Poster

The Sci-Fried Eggs Broadcast Live from Mad Monster Party

Mad Monster Party 2014 posterThe Sci-Fried Eggs will be in their hometown to broadcast live from Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC!

Join the Sci-Fried Eggs as they interview convention guests and talk about sci-fi, the paranormal, comics, movies, and everything awesome!

Stop by and watch the live broadcast at Mad Monster Party and submit a question to the Sci-Fried Eggs or one of their guests!

Can’t make it to Crystal Coast Con and have a question?  Facebook the Sci-Fried Eggs, tweet it to @SciFriedEggs or email to  Listen to previous shows and interviews by clicking the Sci-Fried Eggs tab at the top of the page!


Order Up! Get your Sci-Fried Eggs!

Mad Monster Party this Weekend!

This weekend is Mad Monster Party in Charlotte!  We will be out all three days at the University Hilton for the party, starting today!  Check out our Events Calendar for all the details.

Mad Monster Party 2014 poster

Cher’s Haunted Charlotte: Ri-Ra Irish Pub

Cher here!  This past weekend, on Saturday March 15th, the team and Ecto participated in the Eighteenth Annual Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the 14th Annual Bar Crawl!  One festival regular among Uptown Charlotte bars is Ri-Ra Irish Pub, a St. Patrick’s Day favorite for authentic Irish food, atmosphere, and ghosts.  And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Cher’s Haunted Charlotte: Ri-Ra Irish Pub

Win Tickets to Mad Monster Party in Charlotte!

Come on out to the Roxbury this Friday and win some tickets to Mad Monster Party next weekend!  A pair of tickets will be given away every hour!  And we may even stop by to party as well!


Cher’s Haunted Charlotte: The Manor Theatre

Hey, it’s Cher from the Carolina Ghostbusters.  For all of the paranormal fans and enthusiasts out there, I’m bringing you Haunted Charlotte, a look at haunted places in and around the city.  This article is all about the Manor Theatre on Providence Road.

Cher’s Haunted Charlotte: The Manor Theatre


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