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Join Us for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

The parade kicks off in Uptown at 11 this morning, rain or shine!

And there is a bar crawl and other festivities to follow!

Halloween Appearance Lineup!

Don’t miss our Halloween Appearances today and tomorrow!

From 1:00pm to 4:00pm come out to Krispy Kreme Store 126 on N. Sharon Amity Rd. in Charlotte and get your pictures with Ecto-1 and pick up some Ghostbusters doughnuts before they’re gone!

Then we have a couple of private events before we head back to uptown Charlotte to hang out at the Roxbury for the Thriller Bash!

And Saturday, we might just be back uptown for the Zombie Bar Crawl!  Check out our Events Calendar for all the times and details!


Roxbury Thriller


The Sci-Fried Eggs Broadcast Live from HeroesCon


at the Charlotte Convention Center

The Sci-Fried Eggs party it up at the second of their two home conventions broadcasting live from HeroesCon in Uptown Charlotte, NC!

Join the Sci-Fried Eggs first thing Sunday morning as they interview convention guests and talk about sci-fi, the paranormal, comics, movies, and everything awesome!

Stop by and watch the live broadcast at HeroesCon and submit a questions to the Sci-Fried Eggs or one of their guests!

Can’t make it to HeroesCon and have a question?  Facebook the Sci-Fried Eggs, tweet it to @SciFriedEggs or email to  Listen to previous shows and interviews by clicking the Sci-Fried Eggs tab at the top of the page!


Order Up! Get your Sci-Fried Eggs!

HeroesCon This Weekend in Charlotte, NC!


at the Charlotte Convention Center

Don’t miss all the fun in Charlotte at HeroesCon this weekend!  Come out and see Ecto-1, the Men in Black car, the Mystery Machine, and all the other awesome guests and vendors!  All the information is on our Events Calendar!

Also don’t miss the Sci-Fried Eggs, a podcast of sci-fi, the paranormal, comics, movies, and everything awesome, broadcasting live from HeroesCon on Saturday!  Stop by the broadcast and watch, or submit a question via our Facebook or Twitter and you may hear it on the air!

Click the Sci-Fried Eggs tab at the top of the page to submit your questions and listen to previous shows!

Zombie Bar Crawl in Uptown Charlotte

Join us tonight outside of the Roxbury for the Zombie Bar Crawl!  The Carolina Ghostbusters will be keeping the peace and Ecto-1 will be on site for photos .  The Zombie Bar Crawl starts at 6pm.  Arrive early for Zombie makeup!


Cher’s Haunted Charlotte: Ri-Ra Irish Pub

Cher here!  This past weekend, on Saturday March 15th, the team and Ecto participated in the Eighteenth Annual Charlotte St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the 14th Annual Bar Crawl!  One festival regular among Uptown Charlotte bars is Ri-Ra Irish Pub, a St. Patrick’s Day favorite for authentic Irish food, atmosphere, and ghosts.  And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Cher’s Haunted Charlotte: Ri-Ra Irish Pub

Ghostbusters Party at the Roxbury!

We are kicking off Halloween weekend the right way at the Roxbury in uptown Charlotte with our Ghostbusters Halloween Party!  Come join us for all the fun and get your picture with Ecto-1!  Lots of great drink specials too.  And don’t miss the Thriller Party on Saturday night at the Roxbury!  The Roxbury is located on Fifth Street between Tryon and Church Streets.

Roxbury Halloween

Sci-Fried Eggs Episode 8 #130626

This week the Sci-Fried Eggs venture into the realm of professional geekdom with a Geeks Gone Pro Show!  The show starts with Doc, Chuck, Cher, and Intern Mikki discussing how they have gone pro with their geekiness followed by a great interview from X-Con with the amazingly multi-talented actor and writer, Jeffrey Breslauer.  Then the Eggs talk with a couple of ConCarolinas guests, comedian Mikey Mason and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit, about how their love of sci-fi has permeated their careers.  And the Eggs catch up with the tall, bright, and beautiful DJ Spider who takes her DJ skills to Dragon*Con and her costuming skills into the DJ booth!

Sci-Fried Eggs Logo

Follow the Sci-Fried Eggs on Twitter @SciFriedEggs and at!

Sci-Fried Eggs Episode 8 – Click here to Listen or Download

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 8, Segment 1
Geeks Gone Pro

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 8, Segment 2
Jeffery Breslauer

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 8, Segment 3
Mikey Mason

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 8, Segment 4
Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 8, Segment 5
DJ Spider

Episode #8 Photo Gallery

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click Here for the Full Photo Gallery


Big ’80s Bar Crawl Tonight!

Come party with the Carolina Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 as we bring the ’80s back with the Big ’80s Bar Crawl this weekend!  Dr. Ray Stantz will be on site partying with us!  Come meet Ray and travel the bar crawl with the Carolina Ghostbusters!

Ray Stantz 2  bar crawl 2


Unofficial Charlotte Chive Meetup Tonight!

Don’t miss the the Unofficial Charlotte Chive Meetup tonight, where we will be crashing the party BFM style with Dr. Ray Stantz!

Ray Stantz 2

When someone asks me if I’m a god,
I say YES!

So be ready for the Carolina Ghostbusters and Dr. Ray Stantz to make the scene some point during the meetup!  And cruise over to the Roxbury on 5th Street and check out Ecto-1!  All the info is on our Events Calendar!

charlotte chive meetup


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