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Of Causes and Fun: Why Are Gambling Themed Fundraisers So Popular?

If you want your fundraiser to really standout in the minds of the guests, you will need to make sure that they have fun. One sure theme for fundraisers that inspired fun would have to be a gambling themed one.

Today, we explore why gambling themed fundraisers are so popular or even preferred in the state of Carolina. Let’s begin!

Incentivizes Joining

People like to chase rewards and they certain like to win. Some people—more than most—really enjoy the thrill that comes with games. So if you throw a casino night or a game themed fundraiser, you’ll be tapping into the preexisting love that those that live in Carolina have for a good game.

This, of course, does not mean that those that live in Carolina chase after gambling or anything like that. They actually have some of the strictest laws when it comes to what’s allowed.

It’s Fun & Legal

Gambling themed fundraisers lets the attendees enjoy a night (or day) of worry-free playing and simultaneously helping out a local cause or organization. People like being altruistic, especially if they personally get something out it beyond the feeling of helping out.

Fundraisers are supposed to be fun; that’s the whole point. This ensures that there will be future interest in your other fundraisers. It’s also legal in most states, according to as long as the majority of revenue from the fundraiser is going towards charity.

It’s Easy to Find Sponsors

Gambling often has a negative connotation but not when it is linked to the concept of charity and helping out a good cause. There are a lot of areas in your little gambling themed fundraiser where local businesses would be able to promote themselves and simultaneously help out a charity.

It is a known fact that gambling themed fundraisers have very little trouble in finding sponsors.

We hope that you take these into consideration when you’re planning your next fundraiser—especially if you’re throwing it in Carolina!