Writers Needed

writers needed - Writers Needed

Welcome to Carolina Ghostbusters! We are an events consultancy firm that specializes in providing help for those that wish to figure out how to put an amazing fundraiser together. Beyond that, we also have a rather busy blog that we keep alive. We make use of that space to publish articles that are poised to help provide information regarding charitable clauses, the state of Carolina, and fundraisers.

As you may be able to imagine, these are topics which are constantly in motion. From one day to the next, there can be a multitude of newer updates, events, and trends that can come out of thin air. This means that we are always aiming to keep our blog updated while running our events. We need to call in people to save the day.

Not just any people, of course. We need writers to save the day! We are putting a call out for any and all writers who would like to write for Carolina Ghostbusters’ blog. We need talented writers who are in touch with their knowledge of events, charities, local fundraisers, and both North and South Carolina. If you’re not quite sure if you’d be a good fit here are a couple of skill sets or knowledge that we would like our writers to have:

  • Writing Experience
  • Charity Events
  • Party Trends
  • Carolina Laws

If you have any knowledge or experience with these or if you happen to have any questions regarding them, we are always ready to entertain you.