People We Like: Jason Gowin

Extreme Paranormal host Jason Gowin

At ConCarolinas this year we did several paranormal panels.  And one of the people we were honored to be on a panel with was Extreme Paranormal’s Jason Gowin.  We don’t think of ourselves as celebrities.  To us, we’re just Ghostbusters.  And it always amazes us when a celebrity gets excited about seeing us….

Jason will admit it.  He had a few fanboy moments with us.  And we’ll admit it, it was awesome getting to hangout, have dinner, and become friends with Jason and his wonderful wife.

We gave Jason the royal Carolina Ghostbusters treatment.  He got to test out the Slime Blower!

Extreme Paranormal’s Jason Gowin giving the Slime Blower a test run!

He got behind the wheel of Ecto!

And at the end of the Convention, we made Jason an honorary member of the Carolina Ghostbusters, complete with a signed Carolina Ghostbusters card, Carolina Ghostbusters pin, Official Class 1 Division Patch, and his own set of Ecto Goggles!

We were glad to get to meet Jason, and we look forward to hanging out at more conventions in the future!



About Carolina Ghostbusters

The Carolina Ghostbusters is a group of paranormal investigators who keep the Carolinas safe from spooks, specters, ghosts, spirits, ghouls, and the occasional demon. They travel around in their Ecto-1 and when they're not busting some heads, in a spiritual sense, they enjoy meeting with their fans at conventions, charity events, parades, parties, weddings, and other social functions. The Carolina Ghostbusters are available for both private and public appearances.

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