ConCarolinas This Weekend in Charlotte, NC!

Don’t miss all the fun in Charlotte at Con Carolinas this weekend!  Come out and see Ecto-1 and all the other awesome guests and vendors!  All the information is on our Events Calendar!


Saturday night, it’s a Con Carolinas edition of Wait Wait…Don’t Phase Me! the 5MDR Geeky Quiz show!  Join Doc and Chuck and three Con Carolinas Guest panelists as they have some Geeky Quiz fun!  Be part of the live studio audience for the show and get a chance to play and win prizes with games like Bluff the Geek, Who’s Our Geeky Panelist?, and the Geeky Limerick Challenge!  Go to for more previous episodes of WWDPM!

Sci-Fried Eggs Logo

The Sci-Fried Eggs, a podcast of sci-fi, the paranormal, comics, movies, and everything awesome, broadcasting live from ConCarolinas!  Stop by the broadcast Sunday morning and be part of the studio audience or submit a question via our Facebook or Twitter and you may hear it on the air!  Click the Sci-Fried Eggs tab at the top of the page to submit your questions and listen to previous shows!


About Carolina Ghostbusters

The Carolina Ghostbusters is a group of paranormal investigators who keep the Carolinas safe from spooks, specters, ghosts, spirits, ghouls, and the occasional demon. They travel around in their Ecto-1 and when they're not busting some heads, in a spiritual sense, they enjoy meeting with their fans at conventions, charity events, parades, parties, weddings, and other social functions. The Carolina Ghostbusters are available for both private and public appearances.

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