New Ecto-1 Revealed for Upcoming Ghostbusters Movie

Director Paul Feig continues to release bits and pieces via social media of items to appear in the new Ghostbusters movie he’s directing.  He’s given us pictures of uniforms and the proton pack and now the latest is Ecto-1, which Feig tweeted with “#whattheygonnadrive.”


It is definitely a Cadillac hearse, but aside from that and the color scheme, it doesn’t seem to share a lot with it’s predecessor Ecto-1.  It has more of an Ecto-1A feel from Ghostbusters II.  However with the new Ecto-1 being a ’89 model Cadillac, it should be far easier to obtain than the ’59 Miller-Meteor.

Ecto Rear shot

Here are some additional pictures that Feig has shared of the proton pack and uniforms.


The proton pack looks a lot like something from the Fallout video game series.


The uniforms look sharp, much like the traditional jumpsuits with the addition of some reflective safety stripes!


About Carolina Ghostbusters

The Carolina Ghostbusters is a group of paranormal investigators who keep the Carolinas safe from spooks, specters, ghosts, spirits, ghouls, and the occasional demon. They travel around in their Ecto-1 and when they're not busting some heads, in a spiritual sense, they enjoy meeting with their fans at conventions, charity events, parades, parties, weddings, and other social functions. The Carolina Ghostbusters are available for both private and public appearances.

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