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People We Like: Terri Harrison

Terri Harrison Close Up

Much like Dan Aykroyd, we enjoy a good cigar every now and then, and one of the cigar shops we visit was having Playboy Playmate Terri Harrison visiting for an autograph session.  So we decided to stop by and visit and take advantage of some of the cigar deals going on for the event.

We parked the Ecto and headed in to the store.  We rounded up the cigars we wanted and headed to the register to check out and say hello to Terri.  As we are checking out, Terri sees the Ghostbusters logo on our uniforms and asks, “Are you really Ghostbusters?!”  to which we said yes.  Terri responded in kind with, “That’s really cool,” to which we gave our typical response of, “You should see the car.”

Terri’s eyes lit up and she said, “You have the car?!  Where is it?!”  Before we could finish saying it was in the parking lot, she had already grabbed us both by the hands and was dragging us out the door of the cigar store.  Her handlers who were kind of paying attention, turned around to see Terri running out the door dragging two men in tow.  Her handlers rushed out after us.  Terri looked the car over and yelled at one of her handlers to go get a camera so she could get a picture with the Ghostbusters!

Terri Harrison with Car

One of the handlers brought back out a camera and some glossy photos for Terri to sign for us.  We took a few pictures and chatted for a few minutes in the parking lot before the handlers told us we all needed to come back in the cigar store.  We talked for a little while longer and thanked Terri for being so awesome.  She told us she expected us to come out and see her again next time she was in town, which of course we definitely would.

As we were headed out the door, one of her handlers thanked us and said, “You guys are really awesome.  You’re literally the only people she has asked to have her photo taken with since we’ve been touring around.”

People We Like: Danny Glover


We were walking around at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte and stopped by to talk with Mr. Danny Glover.  We chatted about how much we loved him in Predator 2, which was clearly the best of the Predator movies.  As we’re getting ready to walk off, Mr. Glover says, “I’ve seen you guys bummin’ around here and you’re pretty cool.  Let me get a picture with you boys.”  Of course we were excited!  Mr. Glover, it was a pleasure to meet you and we hope you get back to the Carolinas again soon.

People We Like: Larry Mainland

We spent the whole day at RobCon and passed by The Walking Dead zombie actor Larry Mainland, but he was always either busy talking with fans or signing autographs.  And when he wasn’t busy, we were outside busy taking pictures with Ecto.  So were we ever surprised when we went to eat dinner that evening when Larry was eating just a few tables from us! Read the rest of this entry

People We Like: Jason Gowin

Extreme Paranormal host Jason Gowin

At ConCarolinas this year we did several paranormal panels.  And one of the people we were honored to be on a panel with was Extreme Paranormal’s Jason Gowin.  We don’t think of ourselves as celebrities.  To us, we’re just Ghostbusters.  And it always amazes us when a celebrity gets excited about seeing us….

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People We Like: McGruff the Crime Dog

While we were out at Crowders Creek Elementary’s Spring Festival, McGruff the Crime Dog stopped by for a picture!

People We Like: Margot Kidder

We were watching the wrestling group as they finished assembling their wrestling ring when none other than Lois Lane herself, Margot Kidder, walks up to us and says, “What are they building?….”

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People We Like: Bob Camp

We had just pulled the car into the convention center and were working on wiping her down and polishing her up before they opened the doors for the first day of X-Con when we heard someone say, “I’ve heard they’re making a Ghostbusters 3….”

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